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MetLife - Metropolitan Tower Life Insurance Company

MetLife enters the Structured Installment Sales market.

Metropolitan Tower Life Insurance Company will now guarantee tax-deferred payments to sellers of a personal home, investment real estate, businesses and private securities.

This is an installment sale when sellers receive tax-deferred future payments to avoid the highest marginal tax rates, and some taxes all together. A new feature allows the seller to receive these payments guaranteed by a financial institution unrelated to the buyer. This is called a Structured Installment Sale.

MetLife's financial strength, professional sales and staff support system positions it to provide capital gains tax relief, financial, and estate planning answers for sellers of highly appreciated assets.

See the MetLife #metlife brochure below for additional information on this transaction.

Contact Lesti Structured Settlements, Inc. a leader in Structured Installment Sales, to learn how to save capital gains taxes when selling highly appreciated assets.

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MetLife Structured Installment Sales

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