Our Commitment to Our Clients During the Coronavirus Disease Crisis

The best lawyers believe that the welfare of their clients is paramount, and that it is not only the amount of the settlement, but how it is structured to meet their clients' needs over time, that defines a job well done.

My clients are attorneys who need to know that they have done the best for their clients, and who make sure they have the right resources to get there. They want to "go to the mat" for their clients, and they know that having their own consultant, on their side, is the only way to ensure that the structured settlement is based solely on the best interest of their clients.

I work with a short list of attorneys who share my values so I can give each attorney pro-active and responsive help. Pro-active to help attorneys plan ahead to get what they want instead of what the other side offers. Responsive meaning there is no wasted time: I will be there when you need me.

And, of course, my services are based on over 30 years of experience, with a nation-wide roster of landmark cases and satisfied clients.


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