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Structured Installment Sales

You can now sell your home, investment property, private stock or a business, defer the capital gains and get guaranteed future payments to fund your lifelong dreams.

This is an installment sale under Internal Revenue Code Section 453 that has been used for years. Now MetLife or a trust company will guarantee the future payments. This is called a Structured Installment Sale.

Taxes. Sellers now avoid the highest marginal tax rates and some taxes altogether. Tax savings up to 36% or more are possible and Medicare penalties may be avoided as well.

Secure Payments. The payments are safe and secure. There is a guaranteed rate of return, no investment or reinvestment risks, and long-term financial security is assured.

Uses. You may use the payments to pay for your long deferred passion in life, a lifetime of vacations, a secure retirement, an investment fund, college funds for kids or grandkids, estate planning, and any other use.

Real Estate. You may sell a primary residence, rental, or commercial property and transform that equity into a secure cash flow. You don't have to buy another property to defer the capital gains and it relieves you of property management duties. Also, instead of living in or maintaining current properties that no longer meet your needs, you may now move where you want to live and establish yourself in a property that suits your lifestyle.

Private Stock. You may sell your private stock now and on your own terms. You don’t have to wait for the IPO, if it happens at all. You may also sell your stock in an appropriate private sale to an accredited investor or to an institutional investor. A Structured Installment Sale may also be used in a merger or acquisition situation.

Business Owners. You may sell your business and retire or move onto another business venture, and be assured that a large financial institution will guarantee your future buyout payments. Sometimes a business owner may sell a well-established company to a good prospect, only to see it fail in just a few years. This risk is eliminated using a Structured Installment Sale, as the future payments no longer depend on the sold business, preventing you from coming out of retirement, taking over the firm, rebuilding it and reselling it.

Sellers can avoid paying high taxes and obtain guaranteed future payments when selling highly appreciated assets. A Structured installment Sale will achieve these goals and more. Please call today on how to achieve this. 650-903-4100.